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 Are we going to have meetings again?

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PostSubject: Are we going to have meetings again?   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:31 pm

When will we have annual meetings again? Because some people like Dj Krol, Deathwatcher, Clown Shoes, and Graveland to name a few, they never go on TS and never participate in any practices or servers where we just screw around and have fun. Also I want to know if we are going to organize a official scrim team with people who actually care and go on TS and play with the clan, also people like reality(or whatever his new name is) and sometimes Scout rage in the first 2 rounds of the game. To be honest I think the clan is dying and we need to have more meetings to sort out stuff and organize stuff also to organize a scrim team. Thank you. Please don't bitch at me.
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Are we going to have meetings again?
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