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 DarkVisions app for admin

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PostSubject: DarkVisions app for admin   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:16 am

*In game Name:DarkVision/FailSauce
*IRL Name: Cliff
*Age: 26
*Gender: Male
*Location: MS
*Estimated Game-time/day: varies-normally more than 40 hours a week
*Reason(s) for wanting to be a admin: Well as you know i do like to help, even though ive stated i want to avoid responsibility, here i am in the middle of stuff again Smile Cant really help myself so might as well make it formal as several leaders have talked to me about admin. Though again in all fairness i will state that i am not a hard ass i do give chances, but i do perm bad for racism/sexism(if a female is in server) and hacking. hacking no chances, racism i will give one. I am FIRMLY against it Smile other than that i tend to be very lenient regarding rule breaking/trouble making, but not to the extent of say lotus clan(think how happyguy has been votebanned, and banned by admins how many times? enough is enough the guy needs a perm) i would probably seem harsh to that clan, and maybe to this one. anyway as always open to criticism questions etc.

anyway id say the truest reason i want admin, is really not for myself but for the community at large so that trouble makers do not ruin everyone's fun, as thats what games are about.

side note here. have we ever gotten kac up and running???
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DarkVisions app for admin
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