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 Clan Practices (Please Read)

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PostSubject: Clan Practices (Please Read)   Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:12 am

We need to sit down as a clan and start discussing practices and practice time. This way we can start setting up scrims, and so we do better in scrims. The main goal of all this is that we are eventually going to be getting into leagues. so basically put down your time and days available for practices and we will make a schedule from there.

Thanks, Marty

*Not Set in stone*

Monday-Friday: 7:00PM EST-9:30PM EST
Saturday-Sunday: Any time these 2 days

If you wish to participate in scrims and game leagues you must attend the clan practices. This rule is in effect as of 1/30/11
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Clan Practices (Please Read)
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