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 Approval Process (Please Read After You Have Submitted Your Application!)

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PostSubject: Approval Process (Please Read After You Have Submitted Your Application!)   Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:59 pm

It has been decided amongst the Admins | Leaders that this is how we will be approving any applicant that applies for A.K. Gaming. Here are the basic steps on how we are going to approve each applicant that applies.

1)An Admin | Leader, will read over your application.
2)Once an Admin | Leader has finished reading over and discussing your application, an Admin | Leader will send you a private message via our forums or on steam with our vent information. You have 1 week to come on our TeamSpeak 3 server to show us that you are really interested in joining Ascended Killers.
3)After you have received the TeamSpeak 3 info, you will be asked to come on TeamSpeak 3 ASAP for your teamview by one of our TV Staff before you are fully accepted into Ascended Killers.
4)If you have successfully passed your Teamview you will be invited to our Ascended Killers steam group and be asked to change your nickname on TeamSpeak 3. Here is an example: (AK Member) Your name here. You will also be asked to wear your A.K. Clan tag any steam game. *Note: You can find this by doing the following steps. 1) Log on Counter Strike Source. 2) Go to your options tab. 3)Go to Multiplayer. 4) Go to advanced options. 5) Find where it says Clan tag and select Ascended Killers.*

*If you are caught with hacks, etc or if you dodge this request, you will automatically be removed from the clan without hesitation.*
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Approval Process (Please Read After You Have Submitted Your Application!)
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