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 *Clan and General Rules*

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PostSubject: *Clan and General Rules*   Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:26 pm

**Please note that these rules are for forums, vent, and gaming**

Most of the rules that are posted are general clan rules for any clan. Obviously you must be respectful to one another and listen to admins. We will not tolerate any disrespect to any member. Yes of course your allowed to voice your opinion that is not a problem just do so in a just manner. As with the maturity part, if your going to act like a child you will be treated like a child. We do not need people getting angry with each other and/or rage quitting the clan because of what someone has said or hear-say. If there are any problems with what someone has said ask to have a conversation with an administrator or leader and we will pull both of you down and look into the situation.

*/Clan Rules/*
1 ) You MUST have vent installed and a working mic/headset.(not req. but you will need to get one) 3 weeks to get a mic. If your having other issues with getting a microphone please contact any Leader.
2 ) As a member of (AK) you are to show respect to any players in any game that you are playing.
3 ) You MUST be active (Req.3-4 times a week.) If you are inactive for more then a month without notifying us, then you will be kicked out of (AK) . if you wish to rejoin (AK) then you will need to tell us why you were absent from the clan for more than a month. The leaders will discuss whether your excuse is agreeable and you will be put on a two week probation period. During this time you will need to be active.
4 ) You MUST be 14 years or older (We do allow 12 year old players but you will be on a 1 month trial basis to show us your level of maturity.)
5 ) You MUST not cheat,mod files, etc. If caught you will be reported and terminated from clan. No botting in games and/or anything like that. If you want to participate in any leagues you must not have any type of cheat that will be picked up by anti-cheating engines. (Ask any leader about specifics)
6 ) If any admin or leader is abusing powers or harassing anyone, you have the right to report the person to another admin or leader
7 ) Dual claning is allowed but you MUST inform us if your doing it and have it approved by an admin/leader
8 ) If you are an (AK) member you must wear your (AK) clan tag and only this tag.( Unless you fall under Rule NO.7)

*/General Rules-Guide Lines/*
- The first amendment is in use in our clan, if you don't like something, tell us
- (For admins) DO NOT rage ban or kick!
- Since we have casual aspects in our clan, we tell a lot of jokes that may be offensive. If any thing that is said please tell a leader or admin
- No pornographic links or pictures on the forums < unless you private message them to Marty and Jaber
- No verbal raging at players or members on vent, general raging is allowed
- If you have any aspects of your life that may affect how you behave on vent, please tell us, we will understand and take it into account. (your personal info will not be shared)
- No excessive spamming on vent, occasional is fine.
- If someone tells you to stop doing something that may be annoying or disrespectful, STOP
- *Have fun and Pwn noobs!*

Remember to have fun and play nicely with each other

Any question about the rules ask a Leader
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*Clan and General Rules*
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