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 Counter Strike Office Tactics.

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PostSubject: Counter Strike Office Tactics.   Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:52 am

Alright guys. Every since ive had COunter Strike Source the most played map ive been on is Office. Some days im good and bad. My Tactics usually involve having a high powered gun that will get me through those large crowds of enemys. My first choice of a weapon would be the Galil. The Galil is a T only weapon that can usually get you a random headshot most of the time and is usually a good choice of a weapon to use as a defender. For example...When im T on office ill usually hold back if everyone rushes just incase the rush was a fail (Which usually is sometimes) so if im the last member on T and have 5-7 guys to kill, ill use my galil and go back and forth to watch paper and the front door. Usually it will work if 1-2 enemys come in at a time and noone trys to flank me from the other side im not watching while defending myself. My second choice of a weapon would be yes the Mac-10 (Everyone hates it for some reason.) Mac-10 can sometimes be a powerful weapon if you know how to snipe with it (Which is possible) and is really deadly at close range. Mac-10 i usually will use if CT thinks they are gonna continue to try and use Paper while not paying attention to the guy in the back corner or in the plant in projector. The Mac-10 is another weapon that will sometimes give you a headshot but i believe it does alot less damage than most of the Automatic Weapons. My Third and Last choice of a weapon is the very rare weapon i like to use...the scout rifle. But im sure most of you here know how to use this weapon if you know some of the best spots to snipe head from so ill just stop here. If you guys have any tactics you would like to share here, Feel free to post a reply.
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PostSubject: Re: Counter Strike Office Tactics.   Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:42 am

t side. AK or p90.

ak- beacause its 1 buttlet headshot.
p90- u run as fast as u do with a knife with the gun out andits go good fire rate and accuracy plus 50 bullet mag.


M4-just really accurate if u know how to controll ur spray
awp- works really well against counter rushing T's if u got fast reflexes

but personaly my advice is dont play office u learn bad stuff and if u ever wanna get in competitive play u have bad habbits to kick such as peeking all the time. spraying and this

play 24/7 map rotation. 24/7 D2 DM or just a 24/7 d2 server
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Counter Strike Office Tactics.
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